july 9} shanna murray

photographs: shanna murray

as we welcome our very own shanna murray to the tent this week, i find myself with the humbling honor of giving her work justice in a few mere paragraphs; her exquisite designs speak for themselves. there are few greater sources for inspiration than nature and the written word, and shanna uses both with such delicacy and such care as she creates her handmade work. when you stop in on thursday you'll be encompassed by a peace and calmness that you'll always want with you. with her beautifully hand-stitched bears, screen-printed pillows, and letter-pressed prints, you'll find the perfect gifts for your home, for your loved ones, or most specially for yourself.
you'll also get a peek at her most recent work with pistachio press. their lovely letter-pressed cards are the true definition of collaboration.
with a number of ongoing and upcoming endeavors, including an art show at boulder, and a much-anticipated re-opening of nook, you'll be seeing shanna murray all about the town. in the meantime, you can find her all about the web...
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